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Medical Marijuana

Medical Marijuana products galore.  We strive to carry
only the finest quality products.  Most all of our flower is exclusive to this area and must pass our stringent quality control before being presented to patients.   Same goes for all of our products.

Healthy Products

There is a large selection other health products
like CBD products, vitamins, minerals,
iodine, sea salt and more.

We carry a full line of
Royal Canes

We can also order just about any style
of cane you want.
There is also a line of Hand-Crafted
walking sticks, staffs, and canes.

$10.00 up

Posters of All Sorts

There is a large selection of posters to choose from.
 Some are framed, most are not.  We can have any of
them framed, usually same day.  (24" x 36")

$15.00 (and up, depending on frame)

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